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The Life of Behavior
Alex Gomez-Marin and Asif A Ghazanfar
Neuron 104:1 25-36 (2019)

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A clash of Umwelts: Anthropomorphism in behavioral neuroscience
Alex Gomez-Marin
Commentary for Brain and Behavioural Sciences
In press (2019)

Playing magic tricks to deep neural networks untangles human deception
Regina Zaghi-Lara, Miguel Ángel Gea, Jordi Camí, Luis M Martínez, Alex Gomez-Marin
Submitted (2019)

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When the part mirrors the whole: interactions beyond simple location
Alex Gomez-Marin, Juan Arnau
Submitted (2019)

The False Problem of Consciousness
Alex Gomez-Marin, Juan Arnau
Submitted (2019)

Evolution and what the intellect makes of it
Alex Gomez-Marin
In press (2019)

A context-free grammar for Caenorhabditis elegans behavior
Saurabh Gupta, Alex Gomez-Marin
Submitted (2019)

Geometric purity, kinematic scaling and dynamic optimality in drawing movements beyond ellipses
Adam Matic, Alex Gomez-Marin
Submitted (2019)

A customizable tablet app for hand movement research outside the lab
Adam Matic, Alex Gomez-Marin
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 328, 108398 (2019)

A portrait of the scientist as a young artist: Or, what neuroscience can learn from dance
Alex Gomez-Marin
SciArt Magazine Vol 33 (2018)

Reproducibility and replicability of rodent phenotyping in preclinical studies
Neri Kafkafi, Joseph Agassi, Elissa J Chesler, John C Crabbe, Wim E Crusio, David Eilam, Robert Gerlai, Ilan Golani, Alex Gomez-Marin, Ruth Heller, Fuad Iraqi, Iman Jaljuli, Natasha A Karp, Hugh Morgan, George Nicholson, Donald W Pfaff, Helene S Richter, Philip B Stark, Oliver Stiedl, Victoria Stodden, Lisa M Tarantino, Valter Tucci, William Valdar, Robert W Williams, Hanno Wurbel, Yoav Benjamini. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 87:218-232 (2018)

The speed curvature power law of movements: a reappraisal
Myrka Zago*, Adam Matic*, Tamar Flash, Alex Gomez-Marin^, Francesco Lacquaniti^.
Experimental Brain Research 236:1, pp 69–82 (2018) (*) Co-first authors; (^) Co-lead authors

Causal circuit explanations of behavior: Are necessity and sufficiency necessary and sufficient?
Alex Gomez-Marin
in A. Çelik and M.F. Wernet (eds.), Decoding Neural Circuit Structure and Function, Springer (2017)

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Neuroscience needs behavior: correcting a reductionist bias
John W Krakauer, Asif A Ghazanfar, Alex Gomez-Marin, Malcolm A MacIver, David Poeppel
Neuron 93:3 480-490 (2017)

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The speed-curvature power law in Drosophila larval locomotion
Myrka Zago, Francesco Lacquaniti, Alex Gomez-Marin
Biology Letters 12: 20160597 (2016)

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Generative rules of Drosophila locomotor behavior as a candidate homology across phyla
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Efrat Oron, Anna Gakamsky, Dan Valente, Yoav Benjamini, Ilan Golani*
Scientific Reports 6, 27555 (2016) (*) Co-corresponding authors

Expanding perspectives on cognition in humans, animals, and machines
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Zachary F Mainen*
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 37:85–91 (2016) (*) Co-corresponding authors

Hierarchical compression of C. elegans locomotion reveals phenotypic differences in the organization of behaviour
Alex Gomez-Marin, Greg J Stephens, André E.X. Brown
J. R. Soc. Interface 13: 20160466 (2016)

Mitochondrial targeting of XJB-5-131 attenuates or improves pathophysiology in HdhQ150 animals with well-developed disease phenotypes
Aris Polyzos, Amy Holt, Christopher Brown, Celica Cosme, Peter Wipf, Alex Gomez-Marin, María del R. Castro, Sylvette Ayala-Peña, and Cynthia T. McMurray
Human Molecular Genetics, 1-11 (2016)

Dynamical feature extraction at the sensory periphery guides chemotaxis
Aljoscha Schulze*, Alex Gomez-Marin*, Vani J Rajendran, Gus Lott, Marco Musy, Parvez Ahammad, Ajinkya Deogade, James Sharpe, Julia Riedl, David Jarriault, Eric T Trautman, Christopher Werner, Madhusudhan Venkadesan, Shaul Druckmann, Vivek Jayaraman, Matthieu Louis
eLife 2015;4:e06694 (2015) (*) Co-main authors

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Role of the Subesophageal Zone in Sensorimotor Control of Orientation in Drosophila Larva
Ibrahim Tastekin*, Julia Riedl*, Verena Schilling-Kurz, Alex Gomez-Marin, James W. Truman, Matthieu Louis
Current Biology 25: 11 p.1448–1460 (2015) (*) Co-main authors

Big behavioral data: psychology, ethology and the foundations of neuroscience
Alex Gomez-Marin, Joseph J Paton, Adam R Kampff, Rui M Costa, Zachary F Mainen
Nature Neuroscience 17, 1455–1462 (2014)

· Nature Neuroscience Editor’s Choice

Multilevel control of run orientation in Drosophila larval chemotaxis
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Matthieu Louis*
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 8:38 (2014) (*) Co-corresponding authors

Tools, flies and what to do next
Alex Gomez-Marin
American Institute of Physics Conf. Proc. 1510, 120 (2013)

A simple method to study Drosophila leg movements during free climbing
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Bala Iyengar*
Figshare 96615 (2012) (*) Co-main authors

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Automated tracking of animal posture and movement during exploration and sensory orientation behaviors
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Nicolas Partoune, Greg J. Stephens, Matthieu Louis*
PLoS ONE 7 (8): e41642 (2012) (*) Co-corresponding authors

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Active sensation during orientation behavior in the Drosophila larva: more sense than luck
Alex Gomez-Marin, Matthieu Louis
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 22:1-8 (2012)

Active sampling and decision making in Drosophila chemotaxis
Alex Gomez-Marin, Greg J. Stephens, Matthieu. Louis
Nature Communications 2:441 (2011)

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Mechanisms of odor-tracking: multiple sensors for enhanced perception and behavior
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Brian J. Duistermars*, Mark A. Frye, Matthieu Louis
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 4:6 (2010) (*) Co-main authors

Two-state flashing molecular pump
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jose Maria Sancho
EuroPhysicsLetters 86, 40002 (2009)

Optimal protocols for minimal work processes in underdamped stochastic thermodynamics
Alex Gomez-Marin, Tim Schmiedl, Udo Seifert
J. Chem. Phys. 129, 024114 (2008)

Lower bounds on dissipation upon coarse graining
Alex Gomez-Marin, Juan R. Parrondo, Christian Van den Broeck
Phys. Rev. E 78, 011107 (2008)

The footprints of irreversibility
Alex Gomez-Marin, Juan R. Parrondo, Christian Van den Broeck
EuroPhysics Letters 82, 50002 (2008)

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Brownian pump powered by a white-noise flashing ratchet
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. E 77, 031108 (2008)

Self-sustained Spatiotemporal Oscillations Induced By Membrane-Bulk Coupling
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 168303 (2007)

· Virtual Journal of Biological Physics

Test of fluctuation theorem for stochastic entropy production in a nonequilibrium steady state
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Ignacio Pagonabarraga
Phys. Rev. E 74, 061113 (2006) (*) Corresponding author

Tight coupling in thermal Brownian motors
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. E 74, 062102 (2006) (*) Corresponding author

Reply to Comment on “Heat fluctuations in Brownian transducers”
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. E 74, 063102 (2006)

Heat fluctuations in Brownian transducers
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. E 73, 045101 (2006)

Ratchet, pawl and spring Brownian motor
Alex Gomez-Marin*, Jose Maria Sancho
Physica D 216, 214-219 (2006) (*) Corresponding author

Symmetric Brownian motor
Alex Gomez-Marin, Jose Maria Sancho
Phys. Rev. E 71, 021101 (2005)