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2019 Living History (“Historia Viva”): The Stories of Spanish Neuroscientists [Sotelo, Marín-Padilla, Delgado]

2019 CAUS(yn)E: Causal Systems Neuroscience (accepted for Cosyne, Lisbon) [Ahissar, Brette, Ciaunica, Florin, Kastner, Longo, Rusanen, Yoshihara]

2018 Memory School, Toledo [Carmena, Quiroga, Morris, Gallistel, Cirelli, Tononi]

2018 Shared Principles of Animal Behaviour Across Species, FENS symposium, Berlin [Polavieja, Webb, Golani, Werner]

2018 Measuring Behavior symposium on Quantitative Human Behavior, Manchester [Mansell, Parker, Matic, Hawker, Vyv, Moore]

2018 neuroFUQ: Frequently Unasked Questions in Neuroscience Meeting, Alicante [Ahissar, Atmanspacher, Bell, Ghazanfar, Katz, Katz, Krakauer, Loeb]

2017 Memory Meeting, Instituto de Neurociencias, Alicante [Morris, Brembs, delaRosa, Yébenes, Quiroga, Mirasso, Gea, Camí, Fort, Criado, Sigman]

2017 Shared Principles of Animal Behaviour Across Species, SENC symposium, Alicante [Lacquaniti, Brown, Bartumeus, Stephens, Akam]

2016 Circuits and Behaviour, Severo Ochoa Symposium, Alicante [Berman, Froemke, Gjorgjieva, Kerr, Magill, Sanchez-Vives]

2015 The Role of First Person Experience in Neuroscience, Advanced Course (CNP) [Rudstrøm, Palokangas, Costa, Mainen]

2015 Neuroscience and Consciousness Track, Seizing an Alternative, LA [Globus, Northoff, Clayton, Klein, Epperson, Hemsell]

2015 Quantum Cognition seminar series (CNP) [Busemeyer, Omar, Latorre]

2014 Homology in Neuro-Ethology, Advanced Course (CNP) [Moore, Hirth, Maimon, Golani, Lacquaniti]

2014 Dynamical Representations, Symposium, Measuring Behavior (Holland) [Stephens, Brown, Cruz/Chiappe, Corrales/Ribeiro, Itskov/Ribeiro, Golani, Wexler, Motiwala/Paton, Stiedl]

2013 Variability in Biology, Advanced Course (CNP) [Pouget, Renart, Amarasingham, Brembs, Garcia-Ojalvo, Cluzel, Wooley, Bell, Mainen]

2012 The Idea of Self: Neurobiology and Philosophy,  Scientific Cafe (CRG) [Glasgow]

2012 Theory in Biology Club regular series (CRG)

2011 Modeling for Systems Biology summer course (CRG)

2011 Current Theoretical Issues in Biophysics & Systems Biology, lecture series (CRG-UB) [Bialek]



Sequencing the Worm’s Ethome
MIND: The Art of Neuroscience (Scientific American, 2018)

A portrait of the scientist as a young artist
(SciArt Magazine, 2018)

Dibujando la mente: Cajal, el científico que quiso ser artista
(ABC, 2018)

The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Ramón y Cajal
(Guided tour, MIT Museum, 2018) [Spain Arts & Culture link]

Mind Myths
(MIT Museum, 2018)

Sequencing the Worm’s Ethome
Prize-Winning Images of the Brain (Scientific American, 2018)

Animal “tache”
(Propeller Art Magazine, 2018)

Behavioral Timescapes
NeuroArt 1st Prize Video Category (Spanish Society for Neuroscience, 2017)

The Beauty of Science
Exposition (Casa de la Cultura, Alicante, 2017)

El Lugar que es mi Cuerpo
Vernadsky Project (Centro de Arte de Sines, Portugal, 2017)

Roots of Curiosity project (CCB & CNP, Portugal, 2014/15)
Book — Roots of Curiosity: Time for Science and Art
Documentary — Roots of Curiosity (director: Claudia Varejao)
Documentary — Semear o Tempo (director: Claudia Varejao)
Conference — Champalimaud Center for the Unknown
Performance — Cultural Centre of Belem
Workshops — Thinking with your body (Alex Gomez-Marin and Sara Anjo)
Residency — Nine months work with five artists and five neuroscientists

Behavioural Timescapes
Art of Neuroscience KNAW 2014 competition — Honorable mention by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science & Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience



2019 Les paraules dels records (À Punt TV; min 28)

2019 Towards Real-World Neuroscience, Radio Interview (UMH radio; min 13)

2019 Comité de Historia SENC

2018 La belleza del cerebro (Cajal at the MIT), Radio Interview (RNE5)

2017 Sobre mi ciencia, Radio Interview (UMH radio)

2017 The brain living in your body (OpenMind, fBBVA)

2017 Vuelo con destino al néctar de la fruta (Sapiens Magazine)