Know us

Dr Àlex Gómez-Marín is a Spanish physicist turned neuroscientist. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a Masters in biophysics from the University of Barcelona. He was a research fellow at the EMBL-CRG Centre for Genomic Regulation and at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in Lisbon. His research spans from the origins of the arrow of time to the neurobiology of action-perception in flies, worms, mice, humans and robots. Since 2016 he is the head of the Behavior of Organisms Laboratory at the Instituto de Neurociencias in Alicante, where he is an Associate Professor of the Spanish Research Council. Combining high-resolution experiments, computational and theoretical biology, and continental philosophy, his latest research concentrates on real-life cognition and consciousness.


Adam Matic / PhD Student (Oct2016-Nov2022)

Fernando Casanova / Graduate Student (Jun2021-Jun2022)

Alex Sospedra / Undergraduate Student (Jan2020-Apr2022)

Maria Regina Zaghi Lara / PhD Student (Nov2019-Dec2021)

Antonio Micó / Masters Student (July2020-July2021)

Angela González / Masters Student (Apr2020-Dec2020)

Mercedes Rosillo Galera / Masters Student (Apr2020-Dec2020)

Saurabh Gupta / PhD Student (Nov2016-Jun2021)

Aitor Landete, PhD / Postdoctoral Fellow (July2019-Nov2019)

Marina Vegué, PhD / Postdoctoral Fellow (Nov2018-Oct2019)

Maria Regina Zaghi Lara / Masters Student (Nov2018-Jul2019)

Roberto Morolló Ruiz / Masters Student (Nov2018-Sept2019)

José María Buil / Undergraduate Student (Jul2017-Jul2019)

Carlos Ferrús Ferri / Summer Student (2019)

Angel Sánchez Ruiz  / Summer Student (2019)

Carlos Antequera  / Summer Student (2019)

Ben Svoboda / Summer Student (2018)

Enrique Galceran / Summer Student (2018)

Eugenia TorneseERASMUS Student (2018)

Marcos Fernández Rodríguez / Intern Student (2017-2018)

Juan Antonio Antolinos / Intern Student (2018)

Shruthi Ravindranath / Summer Student (2017)