Know us

Current members:

Alex Gomez-Marin, PhD / Group Leader (Feb2016-present)

Marina Vegué, PhD / Postdoctoral Fellow (Nov2018-present)

Adam Matic / PhD Student (Oct2016-present)

Saurabh Gupta / PhD Student (Nov2016-present)

José María Buil / Masters Student (Jul2017-present)

Past members:

Ben Svoboda / Summer Student (2018)

Enrique Galceran / Summer Student (2018)

Eugenia Tornese / ERASMUS Student (2018)

Marcos Fernández Rodríguez / Intern Student (2017-2018)

Juan Antonio Antolinos / Intern Student (2018)

Shruthi Ravindranath / Summer Student (2017)

We are looking for creative and brave graduate students and postdocs. If you want to work with us, or you know somebody interested, please take a look at our invitations to join us.